Friday, 13 June 2014


        I am experimenting with Asiatic lily since the last 3 years. The first year the bulbs grew a shoot for 4 cm then it stopped growing and dies because i grew the bulbs at the height of hot season. Last year i received the bulbs in May.  I planted a few bulbs while some of the bulbs were kept in the fridge and planted it in September. One of the bulbs that were planted in May gave me a single bloom while rest of the bulbs rot.   All bulbs that were planted in grew September grew to a height of 8 to 12 inches but none of it bloom.

 Early this year i notice many bulbils along the leaf axis.I  leave my bulbils on as long as possible to get as big as they can, some even start to leaf out and grow roots on the stem.  I pick the bulbils and plant it in a separate pot and it seems it is doing pretty well even though it is growing slowly. I’m hoping that the bulbils will form a mature bulb which will acclimatise to our climate hence as hardy and vigorous as it is in its native habitat.

one and only bloom

moderate growth but no flower

many bulbils along the leaf axis
stem bulbil

a month old bulbils

4 months old bulbil

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

laurus nobilis (bay leaf)

Laurus nobilis leaf is usually available in dry form.  It is usually grow from cutting because seed takes a long time to germinate (can be up to 6 months) hence it is usually rot in the process. Last month my Turkish friend send me 21 seeds of laurus nobilis, luckily one manages to germinate. It hopes it will grow fast in the tropic in my TLC.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

welcomed surprise

I was very busy since last 3 months, hence the infrequent blog entry. Three days ago I get a very amazing surprise; I receive few packet of gladiolus bulb with seeds from my friend Peter.  But I really love 2 package of gladiolus bulb, it is bicolor. He really surprise me because I do not know that there are mixed package of gladiolus bicolor, next year I want more J)))

mixed bicolor gladiolus

Flowering bulbs

After prolong drought finally it started to rain, even thought it just drizzle but it is enough to wake up my dormant bulbs. Let take a look at what is flowering in my garden. I've few other varieties in various stage of growth.

double flower orange amaryllis : my favourite

eucrosia bicolor

i think this is minerva

2 stalks

wild crinum

red amaryllis

pink rainlily

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Antigonon leptopus

Mexican Creeper, coral vine or San Miguelito Vine is native to Mexico. It is a vine with pink or white flowers (Antigonon leptopus 'alba' ).This is among my favourite flower. The bright pink flower is very attractive. Usually i grow fragrant flower but i made an exception for this creeper.  Stingless bees love its nectar and i love its uniqueness for this is the only flower where the flower bud appear at the tendrils.

Since i planned to keep a few beehives there is one more reason for me to grow this unique pink creepers.